Treats for travellers as JR/Duty Free arrivals opens

International passengers arriving at Darwin International Airport (DIA) will now be greeted by a larger, redesigned JR/Duty Free store, which is now open.

The expanded areas at each end are preparing to become operational, beginning with international arrivals at the western end which processed its first flight over the weekend. Arriving passengers now make their way along a new entry route and will enjoy an improved shopping experience in the upgraded JR/Duty Free store.

NT Airports Director Commercial and Aviation Development Jim Parashos said the new store provides passengers with a premium duty free offering.

“We’re very excited about JR/Duty Free opening the doors to its redeveloped outlet,” he said. “Passengers arriving in the expanded internationals area are now met with a contemporary walk-through store - an enjoyable start to their stay in Darwin and a taste of things to come, as the remainder of the terminal upgrades come online.

“JR/Duty Free and DIA have been in partnership for more than six years. The new store builds on our previous successes and we’re thrilled to have JR/Duty Free investing in the shopping experience for Darwin travellers.”

Milton Lasnitzki, CEO of JR/Duty Free said "Darwin Airport marked the re-entry of JR/Duty Free into the Australian